Overview: In Oracle HCM Cloud, the timecard has the reported hours submitted by employee. Reported hours are calculated for overtime based on rules defined in legislation. There can be a scenario where absence hours are also included for overtime. As we know absences are entered on absence record page integrated to time layout. This helps employee to be aware about the absence entered while submitting the reported hours for the week. We have already been through the previous article – “How Absence is integrated with time layout”. This article will explain the usage of absence hours in time layout for overtime calculation in Oracle HCM Cloud. It will also cover the limitation with existing delivered template to display the absence type in calculated section as well as how to overcome this limitation.

Workers time processing profile >> Time calculation rule set is assigned with rule define with seeded template

Time Card | HCM Cloud

Time Card | Tangenz Corporation

Time Card Period | HCM Cloud

This rule is defined as beyond 40 reported hours will be considered as overtime hours.

Time Category:

Absence Record for the Employee | HCM Cloud

Absence record for the employee

Reported hours calculations with absence entry.

Employee Absence Entry | Tangenz Coproration

Note that even the reported hours + absence hours are more than 40 but the overtime is NOT considered beyond 40 hours.

Similar configuration to trigger the overtime hours is below

Overtime Calculation with Absence hours | HCM Cloud

Reported hours beyond 40 hours has been calculated to overtime hour.

Create the custom time category to include the absence hours to overtime calculation.

Custom Time Category | HCM Cloud

Rules configuration

Rules Configuration | Tangenz Corporation

Employee hours calculations

Employee Hours Calculation | HCM Cloud

Total hours (reported hours + absence hours) == 50 hours

As expected, the overtime hours are 10 hours

Note that on this calculation, the absence label in calculated section is not showing.

This happened because the fast formulas used for the template is not considered for absence hours and total hours (absence hours + reported hours) was considered for 40 as regular hours and beyond as overtime hours.

Here absence hours as 8 hours created conflict with regular hours and this has caused absence label as Blank.

Employee Absence Hours | HCM Cloud

To solve this issue, follow below steps.

  1. Create custom fast formulas and include additional input parameter for absence entry.
  2. Perform normal overtime calculation.
  3. Check absence hours. If hours are available then subtract absence hours from regular hour.
  4. There will not be any conflict on absence hours and regular hours in calculated section.
  5. Absence label will display as shown on reported section.


Input value:

Absence Type | Tangenz Corporation

Absence Hour Calculation | HCM Cloud

Time entry calculation with above change.

Time Entry Calculation | Tangenz Corporation

The reported hours + absence hours == 43

Overtime is 3 hours

Absence label displaying as expected in both the sections (Reported and Calculated)

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