Possibilities with Big Data, Machine Learning and Data Sciences are exciting, but going from concept to reality has its challenges. The abundance of technology choices makes it difficult for Organizations to know where to start and making the wrong choice can often drain resources and budgets. With data growing exponentially, the question facing each organization is what is their Big Data and Machine learning strategy? How to combine Big Data with traditional data to drive actionable insights for better decision making? Our team of world-class Data Engineers and Big Data experts can help provide a definitive path towards unlocking insights from your Big Data.



Sales & Marketing

  • Prospect Segmentation
    • Segment Prospects into clusters and apply appropriate channel and messaging
  • Campaign Marketing Effectiveness
    • Analyze campaign performance with a Test and control set up
  • X-Sell and U-sell Models
    • Use predictive models to Cross-sell and Up sell customers
  • Prevent Customer Attrition
    • Continuous analysis of customer behavior to predict churn and take actions to prevent attrition
  • Sales Analysis & Forecasting
    • Sales Analysis & Forecasting using predictive models to plan for downstream fulfilment and servicing activities


Supply Chain

  • Spend Analysis
    • Analysis of huge volumes of spend data to identify cost saving and negotiating opportunities
  • Demand Forecasting
    • Use combination of statistical and judgmental techniques to forecast Demand to enable Planning
  • Production Management
    • Techniques to improve asset utilization and reduce idle time
  • Inventory Management
    • Identify inefficiencies to achieve direct and indirect cost saving, reduce waste and improve replenishment



  • Forecasting
    • Forecast hiring needs based on past trends, seasonality and Management initiatives
  • Screening
    • Improve screening by using algorithms to select resumes based on key job attributes
  • Performance
    • Predict performance, discover gaps and predicts the best fit next level role for your employees
  • Retention
    • Improve retention by predicting sign of churn and uncovering appropriate actions


Fraud Detection & Prevention

  • Predictive Modeling
    • Detecting likelihood of a fraud event using rigorous model training
  • Preventive and Detection strategy
    • Analytics-led strategies for faster detection/ prevention of fraud events including optimization of fraud detection rules
  • Operational Analytics
    • Help operations manage the investigation process effectively and efficiently
  • Fraud Reporting
    • Comprehensive reporting packs for quickly uncovering hotspots, emerging trends and flash frauds





  • Identify potential Big Data and Machine Learning use cases and outcomes

  • Recommend Appropriate Big Data tech stack and architecture for the identified use cases

  • Deliver quick Proof-of-concepts (POC) to bring solution to reality

  • Deploy and configure Big Data technology components

  • Develop data models, data ingestion procedures, and data pipeline management

  • Integrate data

  • User Training

  • Monitoring, alerting, and resolving issues with Big Data solution

  • Continuously optimize solution for best performance

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