Oracle EPM Cloud helps you model and plan across finance, HR, supply chain, and sales, streamline the financial close process, drive better decisions and gain the agility and insights you need to outperform in any market condition






  • Planning & Forecasting
    • Goal-oriented, driver-based plans, custom financials, sales & operational models, What-if modeling and sandbox
  • Workforce
    • Plan by employee, job-code using driver-based planning to accommodate multi-national workforces, planning wizards for complex employee expense calculations
  • Capital
    • Planning for new capital investment, existing assets, intangibles, capital expense review
  • Projects
    • Streamlined project planning, detailed project planning, out-of-the-box analysis and reports to review project performance including ROI, NPV and EPM
  • Scenario Modeling
    • Goal-seek, iterative calculation logic, instant calculation, impact of strategic decisions on the bottom line, balance sheet, cash flow, and shareholder value.
  • Financials
    • Revenue, sales & gross-margin planning, driver-based and trend-based expense planning, Integrate balance sheets fully with income statements and cash flow

Financial Consolidation & Close

  • Quick Start
    • Take advantage of best practice, out-of-the-box functionality for quick deployments, including dynamic calculations. There is limited need for customization as cash flow, balance sheet, income statement, rollovers, calls to action, and more are automatically calculated.
  • Flexible
    • Easily accommodate complex legal and management rollups, including unique business calculations and reporting requirements, without the need for complicated scripting.
  • Key Performance Indicators Management
    • Automatically track key metrics across the organization. Leverage out-of-the-box calculations or easily extend to support business-specific requirements.
  • Compliant
    • Leverage a strong compliance framework including auditing, segregation of duties, and transparent calculations.
  • Global
    • Leverage GAAP-driven applications with full currency support, intercompany eliminations, equity eliminations, adjustments, and detailed data source tracking.
  • Reporting
    • Easily support new and emerging regulatory requirements such as International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) 16, 17, and more.

Account Reconciliation

  • Tracking
    • Keep track of preparer and approver assignments for each reconciliation. Use teams to distribute workflow and ensure efficient and timely preparation.
  • Collaboration and Workflow
    • Gain workflow support for the account reconciliation process, including monitoring, reporting, and analysis. Facilitate communication across distributed organizations and ensure capture of all audit documentation.
  • Comprehensive Reconciliation Formats
    • Leverage prebuilt reconciliation formats or create your own, providing a flexible environment for creating and deploying reconciliation formats across the enterprise.
  • Compliance-Driven Framework
    • Utilize rule-based thresholds for automated certification and risk assessments.
  • Signoffs and Approvals
    • Get instant visibility into the progress and status of the reconciliation lifecycle.
  • Transaction Matching
    • Flexible matching rules with configurable tolerances, interactive matching, management of discrepancies, period-end balancing reports

Enterprise Data Management

  • Collate Enterprise Data from Contributing Applications
    • Use pre-built or custom adapters, import dimensions, validate viewpoints, automate using REST APIs
  • Curate Changes to Enterprise Data Elements
    • Use requests to create new or change existing enterprise data, relationships, and attribute, validate system checks, model and visualize request items, submit via single atomic request
  • Conform Changes Across Different Business Perspectives
    • Run validations in real-time, compare alternative hierarchies, Drag and drop distinct nodes from source to target viewpoints within and across applications to harmonize alternate hierarchies
  • Consume Changes Among Downstream Business Applications
    • Export dimensions and mappings to consuming applications. Integrate with one or more connections for registered applications or download to file for consumption in target applications.

Narrative Reporting

  • Information Access
    • Seamless Leverage of Existing Documents, Data Sources, and Reporting Content, Easy Integration with Oracle and Non-Oracle Sources, Native Web-Based Report Writer, Data Integrity Throughout the Report
  • Authoring
    • Intuitive and Flexible Authoring Environment Using Microsoft office, Document Lifecycle Management and Control, Integrate Structured and Narrative Content
  • Review & Commentary
    • Perform review cycles and commentary for individual report sections as well as the entire report package, Anchor commentary against content in the report
  • Publishing & Delivery
    • Access reports via mobile, web, or Microsoft Office, Books of Managerial and Financial Reports, Securely Distribute Report Content to Stakeholders
  • Regulatory Reporting
    • Manage and design base and extension XBRL taxonomies, Easily perform XBRL tagging in Microsoft Word and Excel, Validate XBRL tagging with taxonomy schema rules and calculations, Publish in XBRL, iXBRL, SEC EDGAR HTML, and PDF formats


  • End-to-end Implementation

  • Managed Services

  • Rapid start implementation packages for fast time-to-value

  • Lift-and-shift from On-prem Hyperion to Cloud

  • Project Management

  • Cloud Roadmap and migration

  • Quick prototypes

  • Training

  • Business process re-engineering

  • Integrations with Enterprise systems

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Oracle Planning
Oracle Financial Consolidation & Close
Oracle Account Reconciliation
Oracle Narrative Reporting


Oracle Planning
Oracle Financial Consolidation & Close
Oracle Account Reconciliation
Oracle Narrative Reporting


Customer Challenge

  • Planning & Budgeting solution based on Excel

  • Lack of Adequate insights into future financials

  • Increasing errors and inaccuracies

  • Minimal collaboration with teams across continents

Tangenz’s Solution

  • Implemented EPM Cloud Planning for Workforce, Revenue & Expense

  • Integrations with Oracle HCM cloud, EBS and On-prem systems

  • Custom forms and Calculations

  • Automated Reporting & Analytics


  • Improved productivity & Collaboration

  • Elimination of errors due to no reliance on Spreadsheets

  • Faster Planning & budgeting cycles

  • Increased user satisfaction due to better User experience

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