When companies plan to implement software, they have high expectations and want results. Not to mention, they expect a smooth onboarding experience. Oracle ERP Cloud, HCM Cloud, and software make a significant difference by changing a company’s working and helping them increase revenue and profits. It is essential for the company to choose the correct implementation partner, preferably an Oracle Preferred Partner with proven results, to gain the maximum benefits.

At Tangenz, we have successfully completed more than 150 projects in a span of 14+ years. We cater to the small, mid-size, and large enterprises Oracle needs by providing end-to-end implementation, upgrades, and support services ranging from $50M to $50B+ in multiple Industries. Moreover, we have been recognized by Inc. 5000 as one of the fastest growing US Private companies.

There are many things an entrepreneur needs to consider before trusting a company with a huge amount and choosing them as their implementation partners. Every Oracle implementation partner will provide the software you choose for your company. However, other things make a big difference in successful and satisfactory onboarding. Our customers trust us because we provide everything an organization expects from its implementation partner.

Look at the points below to know what truly makes onboarding software successful.

  • Expertise: Imagine a system that simplifies tedious operations, enabling teams to share data and reports across departments and locations. Naturally, software developed to improve working in an organization at several global locations is complex. Onboarding such software requires a thorough understanding and expertise in the field. Oracle has implementation partners who make it possible for enterprises to onboard these complex software. Our engineers are best at what they do. We have expertise in delivering complex implementations across diversified industries and Oracle-certified experts who efficiently implement both Cloud and on-premises software. Therefore, we are thriving as a team.
  • Multi-pillar: Usually, growing organizations onboard multiple software according to the company’s functional requirements. The challenge here is that not all softwares of different providers integrate with one another. Or if everyone’s implementation partner is different, it may create problems while syncing. The good thing is that we are your one-stop solution for all Oracle needs, with profound experience on different pillars. Be it Middleware, Oracle EPM Cloud, Cloud HCM in infrastructure across Cloud and On-premises, we have it all.
  • Oracle-focused: Let me share an insight with you. The reason we have been recognized by Inc. 5000 three times and have a solid customer base is that we have all the focus in one place. Over the years in the industry, we have encountered various customer problems and provided them with the best solutions. Our Oracle-focused approach helps us provide even better solutions for firms across multiple industries and has made us one of the fastest-growing private firms in the US.
  • ROI-driven: Think about it! What’s the objective of any business? That’s right! To earn profits. It’s the primary purpose of any business that makes them move to software. It helps them organize workflow in a better way that increases overall efficiency and generates more ROI (Returns on Investment). When we talk about an increase in ROI by using the software, it is essential to understand that it’s a long-term process, and expecting ROIs in months isn’t going to work. For instance, after you onboard Oracle HCM with the help of a trusted vendor. The users will learn about the software and start implementing the process in their work. It will make the hiring process faster and better, employees will be provided with the required resources on time, and performance-based incentives will come into play. It will increase employee satisfaction and increase efficiency, which means better quality and faster output, meaning more ROI. What is Oracle HCM Cloud? Click to know.
  • Long-term approach: At Tangenz, we believe in providing quality and focus on building long-term relations with our partners. Building strong and long-term relations enables us to engage with our clients better and foster greater satisfaction on both ends. Therefore, we ensure our partners across industries remain satisfied at all times, and the relationship expands to multiple engagements.

Industries Served:

We are proud to share that over 14+ years as an Oracle implementation partner, we have served some of the best clients across various industries. Our Oracle-focused approach has enabled us to cater to enterprises across manufacturing, utility, services, retail, high-technology, and the list is endless.

To sum up, Oracle is in our DNA, and we have fulfilled enterprises’ Oracle requirements for over a decade. Our hassle-free consultation, deployment, and seamless onboarding of the Oracle software have helped organizations prosper and grow by enabling them to gain great ROIs.

Still confused about whether to work with us or not?

Here’s a simple solution: if you are looking for an Oracle solution in your organization, book a conclusion call with us and then decide further.