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Oracle Goldengate: Target initiated paths are created on the receiver server-side to pull trail files from the source distribution server. Usually, these paths are created when the source distribution server cannot communicate with the target system.

Source Deployment – NONPROD

Target Deployment – GGNONPROD


Before creating the target initiated path, you should have the below setup ready –

  • A UserID alias was created on the source side.

  • An Extract process running at the source side to extract data from the source database.

Target initiated path creation

A path in Oracle Goldengate is used to ship data from the Extract server to the Replicat server in the form of trail files.

  1. Log in to the Receiver Server and Click the plus (+) sign next to the path on the Receiver Server home page.

2. Enter the following information in the mandatory fields of the Add path page.

You can leave other fields as Is Or update them based on your requirements.
Now Click “Create and Run” to complete the setup.

Upon completion, You will see the distribution path created at the source and target.

Receiver Server side:

Distribution Server side:


With the steps performed above, the extracted trail files are generated at the Replication server side.

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