Pitfalls of Traditional ServiceNow Implementations

A significant number of ServiceNow implementations fail, not because of the software, but because of a lack of attention to both process and requirements.

Our ServiceNow Implementation Approach

  • Driven by clear objectives and business value, all proposed customizations have an assigned business value and clearly address specific business problems
  • Process owners and business users are actively engaged throughout the project, including rapid prototyping and screen development prior to design workshops, for a collaborative and interactive process with value-focused delivery results
  • Keep customizations to the minimum. Technical risks and its impact to the maintainability of the ServiceNow platform should be an important consideration when approving or implementing any ServiceNowcustomization request
  • Agile adaptation to focus on continuous value delivery, with an emphasis on user stories and an iterative approach to ensure periodic, ongoing value realization.

Our ServiceNow Implementation Services

Requirements Gathering

  • Engage right stakeholders
  • Work very closely with Process and Business owners
  • Ultra focused on business value realization
  • Develop concrete use cases signed off by all stakeholders


  • Agile approach with quick wins to elicit feedback and improve
  • Leverage templates to shorten timelines and reduce costs
  • Minimize customizations to critical customer-specific requirements not met by Out-of-Box features


  • Establish governance framework
  • Define entities, apps, relationships while mapping them to process and controls
  • Monitoring remediation, follow up and control effectiveness
  • Developing dashboards and reporting on compliance

Continuous Improvement

  • End-user training and UAT
  • Transfer of knowledge to empower right stakeholders
  • Continuous improvement of business processes to boost business value realization
  • Long-term platform support

Why Tangenz

Our unique ServiceNow implementation approach encompasses technical and business process requirements to ensure long-term success
Strong expertise in building core customer-facing features of ServiceNowplatform
Our unique offshore model enables us to deliver key solution components at a lower cost without compromising on quality