Oracle Identity and Access Management

Most businesses currently spend too much time and money on provisioning and de-provisioning employees’ and contractors’ access to the required company’s systems. Current processes include a mix of poorly automated and manual processes which are error-prone and very resource intensive. New employees wait around for 2-3 weeks to get all the access and terminated employees are not quickly de-provisioned increasing risk to company’s assets and operations. Top executives don’t have any visibility into user access to take any remedial actions. Additionally there is increased risk of compliance failure as user access is not properly provisioned and governed.

Our Solution

Tangenz delivers an end-to-end Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution that includes

  • Requirements gathering
  • Quick Proof-of-concept (POC) if required
  • Project and Implementation planning
  • Implementation of Oracle’s IAM suite to meet business requirements which includes integrating with hundreds of systems to automate and manage user access
    • Automate Physical and cyber birthright access for employees and contactors
    • Automate user provisioning/de-provisioning for employees and contractors
    • Automated certification to always keep system access restricted to right users with right access permissions
    • Quickly review user access status with easy-to-use Business Intelligence reports
    • Very fast turnaround for audit related requests around user provisioning
    • Implement Segregation of Duty (SOD) rules
  • Business process changes recommendations
  • User training
  • Go live
  • Post Go Live support
  • Ongoing enhancements and maintenance

Our Expertise

Install and configure identity management software on Windows, Linux environments for High Availability
Analyze and redesign IDM Components, Processes, SQLs to improve System Performance and throughput
Integrate OIM with various applications such as EBS, PeopleSoft, ServiceNow, Active Directory, Exchange, custom apps and much more
Design and development of customization/enhancements
Configure and customize approval workflows


  • Improved productivity: New employees are able to gain access to required systems on their first day vs. 2-3 weeks of wait. Terminated employees are automatically de-provisioned to reduce risk to company’s assets
  • Huge time savings: By automating the following User access related tasks, multiple departments within customers’ organization save a lot of time to spend on other business critical initiative
  • Increased compliance: Managers and executives have a bird’s eye view of the status of user access across all systems via easy-to-user powerful BI reports which helps in keeping the organization compliant with all the industry and regulatory standards. Also reduces time to generate audit reports