HCM Cloud

Global HR Cloud
  • Worker Lifecycle - Effectively hire, manage, and terminate workers
  • Employment - Efficiently manage employment, positions, and jobs,
  • Employee Information - Provide employees with the ability to manage personal information, absences, and benefit enrollments, to view pay slips and total compensation
  • Global and Local HR - Leverage legislative functionality to operate effectively across more than 200 countries and jurisdictions
  • Industry and Union Support - Simplify the management of unique industry, union, collective labor, and worker agreements
  • Workforce Directory, Workforce Predictions, Workforce Modeling, Benefits Management, Self-Service Benefits, Absence Management
  • Powerful reports and analytics, Workforce intelligence and predictive analysis
Talent Management Cloud
  • Talent Acquisition - Sourcing, Recruiting & Onboarding
  • Performance Management - Goal Management & Performance Management
  • Career and Succession - Talent Profile, Career Development, Talent Review & Succession Management
  • Learning - Content Management, Learning Management & Targeted Training
Compensation, Benefits & Payroll
  • End-to-End Compensation Management - Analyze, model, budget, and administer compensation plans
  • Total Compensation - Give executives, managers, and employees a deeper understanding of all compensation activity
  • Pay-for-Performance - Reinforce a pay-for-performance culture
  • Complete Configuration - Quickly translate strategy into delivery by modeling and rolling out compensation plans that meet changing business needs
  • Benefits Management - Leverage highly configurable global benefits solution that can handle both simple and complex benefit programs
  • Self-Service Benefits - Present employees with a simple, consumer-style user interface for making their benefits choices
  • Core Payroll - Streamline payroll administration through a core global payroll engine, dashboards and checklists, intuitive self-service, and organizations
  • Localization - Successfully process payrolls for Canada, China, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, and the United States
  • Payroll Integrations - Keep control of your payroll when outsourcing all or part of your payroll processing to a third-party vendor
Time and Labor
  • Time Collection - Accurately capture time worked by employees via time clock integrations, online web clocks, timecards, calendar time entries, or mobile devices
  • Schedules and Availability - Manage shifts, holiday schedules, and other events that impact availability of workers, while ensuring you stay within budget
  • Rules Configuration - Ensure employees are paid accurately on time using simple, configurable rules
  • Integration - Integrate time with time devices and other HCM and ERP solutions
  • Labor Costs - Proactively monitor hours worked against various data and key metrics to ensure labor costs are minimized and workers are in compliance