Oracle Management Cloud is a suite of integrated monitoring, management, and analytics cloud offerings. This suite is designed for today’s heterogeneous environments: on-premises, Oracle Cloud, and third-party cloud services.

Using Oracle Management Cloud, you can eliminate multiple information silos in end-user and infrastructure data, resolve application issues faster, and analyze data using machine learning for Oracle E-Business Suite.

Services provided by Oracle Management Cloud over E-Business Suite

  • View the performance metrics for Oracle E-Business Suite, Concurrent Processing, and Forms System, and the availability metrics for Workflow components
  • Use the Out-of-the-Box dashboards for Oracle E-Business Suite health, Forms Systems Health, and Concurrent Processing
  • Analyze the host log trends and determine their performance
  • Monitor infrastructure components such as Oracle WebLogic Servers, Database, Oracle E-Business Suite application hosts, and Database hosts
  • Proactively monitor the user experience and trace the issues to back-end functions
  • Perform root cause analysis through machine learning and alerting capabilities
  • Correlate issues with Oracle Infrastructure Monitoring and Oracle Application Performance Monitoring logs
  • Identify and resolve infrastructure capacity bottlenecks
  • Forecast seasonal capacity trending and potential issues

Deployment Architecture

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  • Cloud agents monitor and collect data (for example, metrics, configuration information, and logs) from entities that reside on hosts, or on virtual hosts in a cloud. Typically, you deploy cloud agents on the same hosts as the entities of interest.
  • Gateway agent: A gateway agent is installed on a host that has Internet access to Oracle Management Cloud and can be reached by all hosts where cloud agents are deployed. All Oracle Management Cloud agents should use a common gateway.
  • APM (Application Performance Management) agents collect performance details of your application, from end user to application logs. Application Performance Management is not covered in this solution.


Prerequisites Tasks

  1. Enable Enterprise Edition License
  2. Assign required Services and Roles
  3. Install Oracle Management Cloud Agents

E-Business Suite Specific Tasks

  1. Configure MBeans on Oracle WebLogic Servers
  2. Set Up DNS in an Oracle E-Business Suite Environment
  3. Apply Grants to Databases for Monitoring
  4. Configure Oracle Application Performance Monitoring for Oracle E-Business Suite
  5. Discover Oracle E-Business Suite Entities
  6. Verify the Oracle E-Business Suite Setup